26 maj
Vdh Europasgr Dortmund, Nordic DKK Brørup and Double Spaniel Club Ullerslev was the task of the weekend.
However crazy ideas and rockhard work paid off Vdh Europasgr24 went to Kelly and Henrik.
Kongeå winner titles went to the Dan- L podengos Pepo, Pinca, Paps and Pippi left in the clever hands of Thomas, Christina Louise Hagen Madsen , Line.
Bob was handsome Pepe - Bos to Pinca
At the Spaniel Club show Gavin was
2x Best of Opposite
Kelly 2. Best Bitch
The new name of the gang Dan-L's Eleven Rays of Sunshine went on to
3. Best Bitch with CC, JUNIOR CC DKK and CLUB from junior cl.
Noras happy owner is Maria Fog Højgaard Nielsen Annette Buur's Dan-L's Eleven Drops of Heaven had a precious 3rd with excl in junior at show 2.
I got a special little treat, as Fille aka Line Sam You Are Phyllis had her first show and was showing with pleasing confidence to a 3rd with excl in junior.
Fille is bred by Tord Lundborg .
Huge thanks to all help and especially to Christina who took the podengo girls to Brørup.

16 maj
Alle Marsi og Gavins børn er nu reserveret
Jeg håber på et nyt kuld hen over sommeren.

11 og 12 maj

We went to 2 x DKK IDS show in Roskilde this weekend. Saturday, when Pippi aka Lots of titles Dan-L's Petit Panqueca also was entered, we had
Best of Breed CACIB Roskilde Winnner 24
Intch Ptch WW23 24 and much more Dan-L's Pinca Poppet
Best of Opposite CC Roskilde Winnner 24 Roskilde Junior winner 24
Wwju24 and more titles Dan-L's Pepe Pedicelo.
2. Best bitch CC Roskilde Junior Winner 24
Wwju24 Intjuch and many more Dan-L's Petit Panqueca Sunday
Pinca and Pepe went yet again BOB and BOS
Huge thank you to Henrik for handling my little ones in the ring.
Pepe is loved by Vickie Nellemann Kramer
Photo  Karsten Kragh

30 april

Amazing WORLD DOG SHOW for Dan-L
Little by little getting back to live after some rock hard hours (MANY) on the road.
We had such a wonderful time at WDS in Croatia.
Best thing in the world seing old friends and making new ones
The dogs preformed their very best and I am overwhelmed and blown away by the results
From Left:Intjuch Pljuch Czjuch PlW PlJuW Dan-L's Pio Pingo
 1 interm CAC
Intch Ptch DKch WWJ15 +100 Paraiso de Viamonte
2 vet cl
WW23 EUJW22 Ptch Dkch + 80 Dan-L's Pinca Poppet WORLDWINNER 24 BEST OF BREED
Intjuch Hch Slch +10 Dan-L's Petit Panqueca WORLDWINNER JUNIOR 24 BEST OF BREED JUNIOR Intjuch Dkjuch + 10 Dan-L's Pepe Pedicelo WORLDWINNER JUNIOR 24
 Judge mr. José Homem de Mello , Pt
Photo Karsten Kragh

24 april
Marsi har fået hvalpe
Se mere her Puppies/hvalpe

11. April
Line Sam You Are Phyllis

I welcome this very special girl to my small kennel.
Huge thank you to her breeder Tord Lundborg for the trust and cooperation.
Fille is now 10 minth old.

18. marts

Today, beautiful Pippi aka HCH INTJUCH ROJV23 DKV23 DKJV23 DKJUCH KLBJCH DEJUCH DEJUCH (Club) DEROJSG23 DEHERBJSG23 DEBDJSG23 CZJCH Dan-L's Petit Panqueca and I made the final practice before all the spring shows.We went to All Breed Open Show for puppies/Juniors (130 entries)She was absolutely amazing and with her sparkling attitude, she went on to *** Best in Show Junior 4 ***


Dan-L cockers and 1 podengo have been on show in the weekend.The highlight was Papel - Dan-L's Papel Pirulito who gained BOB-CC- Juncacib Holland Cup Junior Winner 24 Holland Cup Winner 24 at Martini show, NL. I am sooo proud of this little guy and his family Lotte Larsen and Line Marie Engvald Larsen
The cockers went for the Double Spaniel Winner, DK and got the double
2x 2nd Best Male - Lots of titles Forever Rizi Bizi Ferguson
2x 2nd Best Bitch - INTCH and much more Dan-L's Foreign Affair
2x 3 CK Open Bitch - Many titles Dan-L's Ten Is Mine while little Dan-L's Eleven Rays of Sunshine trotted her way to 1x BEST IN SHOW Puppy. Proud owner is Maria Fog Højgaard Nielsen
Photos are stolen from Line and Maria

28 february
Marsi er blevet parret - se mere her

24 februar
Vi tog lige en "smuttur" til isnende kolde Mjølby, S og tilbragte formiddagen i et dræbende koldt ridehus!
Resultaterne varme os godt op - idet Kelly Belly aka INTCH og meget mere Dan-L's Foreign Affair tog sin 15. champion titel samt Bedste tæve - Gavin Lavin aka DKCH og mange flere Forever Rizi Bizi Ferguson vandt en stærk championklasse på 5 og sluttede som 2.bedste han med res Certifikat.

17. february
Tak  til Anne Ekenberg for at læse korrektur og ikke mindst rette mig til :-)

10. february
While I went to DKK IDS in Fredericia Henrik went to Hungary.
I took BOB/ CACIB with Poppy Pinca aka WW23 PTCH+ 80 Dan-L's Pinca Poppet, handsome Pepe Lepe aka Intjuch and more Dan-L's Pepe Pedicelo was BOS from junior class.
Henrik Nukander Larsen showed sister Pippi Lippi at Champion of Champions aka Intjuch and so much more Dan-L's Petit Panqueca who charmed the judge to Best of Breed and CC which made her (due to special conditions at that show) HUNGARIAN CHAMPION at only 13 month of age.
Pippi had a blast in the ring.
Kelly Belle aka INTCH+50 Dan-L's Foreign Affair squeezed in a CC and Res.Cacib
Lots of congrats to Pepe's owner Vickie Nellemann Kramer, huge thanks to Theis for support and care of Pippi.
Thanks to Elin Bindesbøl Mortensen for the Photo.

Pinca Bir - Pepe BIM
Pinca Bir - Pepe BIM
Pingo, Pequeno, Pinca, Pippi&Pepe
Pingo, Pequeno, Pinca, Pippi&Pepe
Line Sam You Are Phyllis - Fille
Line Sam You Are Phyllis - Fille

28. marts
Gavin Junior Cocker of the Year 2023